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Iris K.

Mai 2021 (Präsenz- und Online Coaching)

Sandhya is an amazing coach with a warm, kind and grounding energy! But don’t underestimate her … she knows exactly where you are sabotaging yourself, holding yourself back and are out of alignment. Everytime I though i could get away with something and it got uncomfortable… she opened the box which I didn’t wanna open. With her amazing tools and her calm and kind energy I could open myself(and the box) fully. What a transformation I had with this amazing coach! Im so glad she crossed my path, because she helped me to (re)connect with myself on deeper levels. And I always felt supported, even during, after and inbetween de sessions! I highly recommend to get coaching sessions from her. She is very empowering and will let you see where you are holding yourself back. I transformed and transmuted so much!


Katharina G.

Mai 2021 (Online Coaching)

Für mich war das Coaching eine spannende neue Erfahrung. Ich fühlte mich von Anfang an bei Sandhya gut aufgehoben, so dass ich offen meine Gedanken und Gefühle mitteilen konnte. Sie hatte trotz der Tatsache, dass wir uns nicht „in echt“ gegenüber sitzen konnten und das Coaching online stattgefunden hat ein feinfühliges Gespür für mich, mein Befinden und meine Bedürfnisse. Sie hat mich ermutigt und unterstützt meinen Weg der Transformation zu gehen. Vor dem Coaching verspürte ich einen großen Drang dahingehend dass sich etwas verändern muss. Mir fehlte Energie und Kraft. Die Themen, die mich beschäftigt haben kamen quasi von selbst auf, was ich total spannend und faszinierend fand, weil sie wahrnahm was mich beschäftigte. Durch kleine Hausaufgaben konnte ich mich weiterentwickeln und neue Dinge über mich herausfinden. Sandhyas verständnisvolle Art half mir dabei sehr. Mit gezielten Übungen konnte ich die ersten Schritte einer kraftvollen Veränderung gehen. Auch zwischen den Sitzungen war sie durch ihre Nachrichten und Nachfragen für mich da. Ich würde das Coaching jedem ans Herz legen, der den Wunsch zur Veränderung und Transformation verspürt. Es ist eine tiefe Sehnsucht. In jedem von uns schlummert soviel Potential welches mit Hilfe des Coachings entfaltet wird!


Daisy Green,

March 2021 (Präsenz- und Online Coaching)

Sandhya – Sister, Mother, Friend, Lifecoach!

I met Sandhya in Pai! I noticed her huge smile that would brighten up any space, radiating light; full of positive, happy energy. Every encounter we had she would embrace me fully with the most genuine affection and attention. After finding out that she was a life coach and therapist I knew that I wanted to work with her. I had been thinking about having therapy for a long time, especially during lockdown, going over so much childhood trauma in my mind replaying every aspect of my life in slow motion, feeling like I needed to spew out my pain in order to feel clean.

When I arrived in Pai after 3 solitary (ish) months in lockdown in Phuket, it was exciting! Pai was alive, there were people, events/activities and yes alcohol…lots of it! I was instantly drawn back to the party lifestyle that I knew so well from my life back in the UK. Friends were made with drunken memories and late night adventures – but the lows of a hangover and unhealthy lifestyle kept me spiraling down.

Sandhya would see me out and I would see her! She didn’t drink, and I admired how much fun she seemed to be having. I knew deep down that was the way I needed to live my life and I knew she was the one to help me!

I was ready to start my journey at the end of september 2020 – by that time I had so many built up emotions I could feel my heart aching, I felt heavy and desperate for change. Sandhya invited me to her lovely house and as soon as I walked through the door, I started to cry uncontrollably. She held me and I knew I was safe.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we delve deep into my childhood trauma – I needed to tell someone what I had been through – I needed someone to tell me none of this was my fault.

She showed me a technique called EFT tapping, that we would use at the end of each session to reprogram my thought process. For example, whatever we had been talking about during the session, after, we would repeat positive affirmations related to my experience, while tapping to change how I felt.

I accept myself being angry. I accept myself being sad. I can change these feelings. I feel I have a lack of trust. It comes from being rejected as a child. I am worthy of love.

After really delving into my past and feeling like I could leave my pain and trauma behind me, I felt like I was ready to make some positive changes in my life. In Pai Sandya really helped me quit alcohol, we really explored the root cause of why I drank and took drugs and I now know it had really affected my life in so many ways, from a very young age.

Quitting alcohol gave me energy! Energy to live! I started to see the possibilities in life and surrounded myself with like minded people. Moving to Koh Phangan in January, Sandhya also came down to the island. Sandhya has helped me to really say what I need, to really think about what makes me happy!

Right now, I am healthy, happy and creative! I have spent the last 2 months making music with my all female band. I write and sing about my feelings and experiences in a raw and honest way – and this has brought me so many new experiences. I also have a purpose – I am my own purpose, my self expression and honesty is my purpose!

I’ve taken the time to look at my relationship with my boyfriend of ten years, to try and figure out if I am really happy. I was so resistant to look at this aspect of my life. It was the last step for me to live my authentic life as an independent person. Me and my partner are still together but living apart which is such an unconventional idea, but works right now.

I hope to delve deeper into relationship counselling and therapy at some point – i think it’s important couples grow and change together. I feel like I have changed so much it would be impossible for my partner not to experience some effect from what I have gone through.  

I feel truly blessed to have met Sandhya. I see her as a friend, a sister and mother – and I know she will always be in my life, whenever I need her.

Sandya is very spiritual in what she does, adapting to you and trying many different techniques. She has performed reiki on me, we have done ecstatic dance together, she has given me guided meditations, and breathwork exercises.  She is always ready to speak to me day or night, with check up’s throughout the week to see if I’m doing ok.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to this woman – but i hope these words gave you some insight into the experience I have had with her over the past 6 months.    


Moni Baumann

April 2021 (Präsenz- und Online Unterricht)

Sandhya ist eine wundervolle, liebevolle und sehr feinfühlige Lehrerin & Coach.

Ihre Yoga Stunden, die ich persönlich mit ihr erleben durfte als auch die Stunden über Zoom sind kraftvoll und gehen weit hinaus als nur Yoga Asanas auf der Matte.

Es ist Zeit mit dir, Spüren in deinen Körper, dehnen & halten und einfach dasein lassen, was gerade eben da ist verbunden mit intensiven Atemübungen.

Man kann sich einfach hineinfallen lassen, in seinen inneren Raum.

Dies ist eine Herzensempfehlung.

Namasté, Moni


Holly Suan Gray

September 2020 (Präsenzveranstaltung)

I did the tantra workshop with Sandhya. she is an amazing facilitator, very informative and gentle in her approach. I had an emotional breakthrough in this workshop which I really needed. Highly recommended. Thank you Sandhya