Mindful Monday Nature Trek

Next event: 2nd March 2020

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Becoming aware about the great gift we can get through our mindful walk in the nature.

Get in connection between you and your breath, you and the earth, the plants, the animals, the creation surrounding us, the sky above and the whole existence.

We will walk in a slow motion, if possible without shoes, taking breaks for observation and meditation. Some guided exercises will support you to open up your breath, to liberate the ligaments and joints, to become more receptive and sensible for the surrounding and yourself.

Through walking the most parts of the path in silence new spaces arises to get in touch with all what want to be seen.

Welcome yourself to be part of creation, to be embraced from the spirits of nature and loved in the pure version of yourself.

MEETING POINT is the 7/11 close to carrot cafe in Chaloklum. From there we’ll drive to the entrance of the national park where our track to the bottle beach starts.
Arriving in our destination we’ll close with a guided relaxation.
Thereafter you can go for a swim, walk back, take the boat (150 bhat) back to the starting place and just be free for whatever you feel to do.

I’m happy to see you on Mindful Monday for our second nature trek.

Walk the earth in peace 👣

Sandhya from wwwnsandhyayoga.world


Good to bring:
Drinking water
Barfoot or trekking shoes
donation: 300 bhat free choice

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