Coaching and holistic therapy

Welcome dear friend!



Integral Coach, life coaching, mindfulness educator, yoga instructor and life-long learner

My purpose in life is to figure out, to understand and to use the resources given to me. These are popping up in there own time and space. And I love the challenge to put my focus and awareness on and to integrate them into my life and being.

Life is a gift and in this way we can observe the changes inside and create opportunities outside to realize our life in the way how we want to live, how we want to grow and how we want to be.

I resolved to use my way of understanding life and being authentic to help you in finding your self realized being.

You can become aware where you are and where you wanna be. From here you can find new possibilities and approaches for moving forward. Slowing down, tapping in what really matters and moving forward more intentional how you want to live your live.

Yoga, Meditation and more

I teach Yoga out of an inner knowledge and several teachings from great international teachers. I’m a qualified yoga instructor RYT 500. Personal Training in Yogapractice and meditation are two of my skills. No matter if you are a beginner or already experienced, I adapt the program on your personal needs and desires.

You get support in vital questions to create your life in the way to reach the goal you want to achieve and to be happy.

Online Classes, organized Retreats and Courses around the world are available.

Holistic therapy

My ENERGETIC FLOW -Massage is the creation out of different techniques which I learned during the last thirty years. It is influenced from ShenDo Shiatsu, the Esalen- or Californian massage , the ayurvedic massage and Reiki. It can be experienced as a full body massage or partial with the focus on particular parts of the body. Such as foot reflexology treatments and head-neck-shoulder massages. Reiki sessions and initiations can be choosen too.


I’m looking forward to meeting you beautiful soul.

Love surround you! Be healthy and happy!